Blogging Side Hustle in 2019

There is nothing wrong with having a corporate career. Also, there is nothing wrong with loving a corporate career - if that’s possible. But one of the best decisions you can make in 2019 is to start a blog (as a side hustle).

“Something on the side that brings in extra cash”

(Definition of “Side Hustle”)

Starting a blog from scratch through to customization takes less than 30 minutes. Blogging, especially as a passion, is something you can (and should) do in between the milestones.

There are simply so many success stories of people (just like us and just like YOU) who started their blogs … and are now making good money from blogging. It can be done.

A blog as a side hustle is:

  • One part about simply being in the game (i.e. start your blog)
  • One part about strategy (i.e. think and plan what and how you blog for maximum benefit - it really is a strategic game)
  • One part tenacity - success doesn’t happen on day one (some of the stars need to align for your, but when they do - it’s epic)

So we’re going to take your through the steps to embed blogging as a side hustle in your life in 2019. Something philosophical to think about. To be successful in 2019, you probably should have had “that chat” with the 2018 version of yourself around what the future could hold. Own your future. Give yourself (2019 you) the advice that 2020 you should be giving:

  • Start your blog
  • Get blogging
  • Stay committed
  • Get strategic

Are you feeling motivated? Ready?

Get Your Blog Hosted and Set Up

To be in the game, you need a blog. To have a blog, you need to be online. To be online - yup, you guessed it - you need a blog host (also known as a web host or hosting service provider).

As a beginner, you should use either Bluehost or DreamHost. We’ve used both - for different blogs and different reasons. So, we recommend either. Since we focused on DreamHost in our last article, we’ll be fair and look at Bluehost for this article.

So, to be blogging as a side hustle in 2019, you should follow the 9 steps below:

  1. Decide what to blog about - what is your topic?
  2. Choose your blog name (which is also your domain name)
  3. Get a blog host - Bluehost is a good option
  4. Install WordPress - and take advantage of the free templates available from Bluehost
  5. Design your blog - from visuals to layout
  6. Be strategic about your content strategy and monetization plan
  7. Plan your publishing schedule. - and commit to delivering on time
  8. Promote your posts
  9. Review your progress