Guide to Start a Blog in 2019

Blogired will show you how to start a blog in 6 simple steps that will take you less than 30 minutes to start a blog. It might take less - but we’re cautious about under committing and over delivering on our promises. #GoodLifeAdvice.

So, those 6 steps to start a blog:

  1. Plan Your Blog
  2. Set Up Your Blog
  3. Configure Your Blog (the Basics)
  4. Customise Your Blog (the Basics)
  5. Publish Your Blog Content
  6. Promote Your Blog

Plan Your Blog

You can just ahead to Step 1: Plan Your Blog to get straight into it if you want.

At the core of things, you need to plan your blog. By planning, we mean that you should know what you want to blog about (e.g. your topics) and decide on your blog name. Remember that your blog name is part of your brand identity.

Choosing your blog name is a by-product of choosing your topic. Unless you plan to blog about yourself (actually, even then since your blog name would then be your name) - your topic should guide the name of your blog.

There are a few guidelines for how to “find your purpose”:

  • Hobbies, passions and interests: this is always a great place to start for a personal blog. Also, if you enjoy what you’re blogging about - it makes blogging really fun. Think: news, fashion, cooking, sports, travel. All of these are great, and you’ll find an audience waiting to connect.
  • Expert knowledge: if you know something that not a lot of others know about - but would be interested in. Well, then you have a winning recipe.
  • Personal and life experiences: these are why blogs emerged in the first place. We would just recommend that you focus on a niches where you won’t get drowned out by other blogs.

As for the right blog name:

  • It should describe the topics that you’ll be blogging about
  • Your name should be recognisable. Blogire, for example, is somewhat unique.
  • There should be an available .com domain name for your blog name

Then - it’s time to secure your domain name!

For clarity, your domain name and your blog name should usually be the same thing. And, we cannot stress this enough - only go with .com unless you plan to blog about local content (e.g. .uk or for the United Kingdom). This is the best advice we can give anyone. However, there are a few other tips for a good domain name:

How to choose a good domain name:

  • Once again .com only
  • Avoid hyphens and numbers in your domain name
  • Step back and see if the concatenated name might have inadvertent other undesirable names. Let’s face it - both children and adults can be mean, especially if your chosen name might have an undesirable side effect.

Do you want to check if you domain name is available? Head over to Bluehost and click through just the first 2 steps. You will get a chance to check if your preferred domain name is available.