Step 6: Promote Your Blog

The idea that you can build a blog and people will simply just find it is, well, naive - to say the least. If you want a successful blog, then you’re going to need to promote your blog. If you don’t, you will only grow it out of luck rather than by design. You need to promote your blog if you want people to know about it - and engage with it.

Let’s start by tackling a few myths about promoting your blog:

  1. You can promote it (and should) from the very first post. I agree that you won’t get a reoccurring audience if you only have one post, but then again - you are going to post more content shortly - aren’t you? People engage with a blog post of interest first, before they engage with the blog site.
  2. Not all exposure is good exposure - not anymore - not in 2019. If you get a backlink, you want it to be from a credible site of a similar topic. Getting backlinks from unrelated sites (e.g. buying links) - it will only harm your search ranking … and your reputation.
  3. Commenting on other blogs for backlinks (trackbacks) - this was great a few years ago. Nowadays, it’s more like spam - and most blogs have a “nofollow” tag for links in their comments (so search engines give no credence to the backlink).
  4. Online forums - its 2019 - does anyone even use these anymore?

So, how do you promote your blog:

  1. Good content - nothing beats having good content to keep both your readers and search engines happy!
  2. Social networks - honestly, in 2019, this should be your greatest focus. New generations, new rules!
  3. Email marketing is still a good option - even in 2019. It was all the rage at the start of “blogging for money”, and social networks are probably more important now - but email is still useful if you have a more mature audience. If you’re focused on millennials and younger - prioritise social networks. There are millennials out there that don’t even check their email on a weekly basis (true story) - but they can’t go an hour without checking Instagram, Twitter and (still) Facebook.
  4. Link to other blogs - this of this as good etiquette. If you read something of interest that is relates to your blog - share the love. Karma works like that.
  5. Guest posting - this is an undervalued opportunity to both promote your blog and show off your writing style, knowledge and skills. Caution - make sure you’re guest posting on the right blogs.

And if you’ve built a good following. Now is the time to decide whether or not you might want to make money blogging.