Step 5: Publish Your Blog Content

The primary success factor for a successful blog is quality and quantity of content. You should aspire to publish:

  1. Good quality content;
  2. At a regular interval

If you recall, we guided you towards choosing a topic (or topics) that you know well or where you have a genuine passion for the content. Why? Because with passion and familiarity, you won’t struggle to produce good quality content on a regular basis.

Some tips from Blogired (from the many mistakes we’ve made over the years):

  1. You are never done customizing your blog. As a beginner, tackle the basics, and then focus on the content. You can (and should) come back to customize your blog on a regular basis, but first - get content published and online.
  2. Search engines favour content over visuals. Think about it - search engines can’t tell whether red is better than blue. However, they can determine if the content is well written and “substantial”. You need to make your blog “pretty” and appealing for your audience, but write for them first.
  3. Plan your content. Unless you’re an expert writer (but even then), you need to have an appreciation for the construction (and structure) of your blog post. Make sure you have an introduction and a conclusions, with appropriate headings in between. Also, work on the 3 to 5 rule - don’t try to explain more than 3 to 5 concepts in a single blog post.

By the way, it helps to read other blogs - avidly.